Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TALsounds: All the way (cassette)

I feel like I'm floating, weightless, directionless, thoughtless. The cause for this pleasant state of mind is the music of TALsounds, released on cassette by Hausu Mountain under the title All the way.

TALsounds is just one person: Natalie Chami on voice, synthesizers, oscillators, effect pedals and loop pedals. Her music is like waves caressing the beach on a sunny day, or wind in the trees when dusk arrives: gentle, pleasant and soothing. It has a childishness and innocense that we all should embrace, to become like children again.

There are no regular songs on this tape, just sound patterns hesitating, shifting, moving. There's some connection to Fripp & Eno's tape loop music released on Evening Star or No Pussyfooting. or Philip Glass's mathematically structured minimal music, but only superficially. Because TALsounds' music is much more unorganized, and therefore much more unpredictable. This means there's a lot to discover by playing the tape repeatedly, which is of course a big plus.

The simple synthesizer sounds, the abstract voices, the soothing basses, the gentle chords, all flow in to and out of each other in a very pleasant way, yet experimental enough to avoid the New Age moniker. There are dissonants, and thank God for that! Because Ms. Chami has played all her tracks, as multilayered as they are, in one go, leading to many unexpected but pleasant musical surprises!

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