Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Heck no, I don't listen to techno! (cassette)

Do you like Italo Disco, early 1980s synth pop or 1990s 16-bit Sega videogame soundtracks? Then log in to your PayPal account and buy Heck no, I don't listen to techno by The Hound Of Love. The tape is released by Plastic Response Records, a cassette label from Greenville in the United States that has the magic touch for catchy retro techno.

The music is a tongue-in-cheek representation of the above mentioned genres, but at the same time so well constructed musically and rhythmically, and so super catchy melodically, that I'm starting to feel more and more happy as I type this review while listening to the music.

Those synthesizer and drum computer sounds that once were modern, then became outdated, and now are retro-cool again! Those orchestral parts, clearly and purposely recognizable as samples instead of the real thing! There are hardly any vocals on this tape, but when vocals are there, they are funny. For example, some dialogue fragments of a man who explains he basically totally wasted his life, are the highlights of Back to normalcy, a track apparently referring to mental illness.

So here I am, typing on the keyboard of my Chromebook to the beat of Heck no, I don't listen to techno, and what else can I tell you then to go and listen, and get happy!

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