Sunday, May 17, 2015

Delmore FX: Innumerevole (cassette)

Musique Concrete was born in the early days of the tape recorder. Tapes were used as analog memory: to record, slow down, speed up, invert, cut up, loop, and otherwise treat sound in ways that had simply been impossible before it could be recorded. It was reinvented with the arrival of the analog synthesizer, an instrument even more suitable for the creation and processing of sound: it could even create totally new sounds!

Elia Buletti, who runs the Berlin based cassette label Das Andere Selbst (The Other Self), and who performs and releases music as Delmore FX, stands with one foot in this tradition, while with the other foot he steps out of it. Listen to his cassette Innumerevole, and you will understand what I'm trying to say.

He uses analog synthesizers and digital equipment in the same spirit as the pioneers of Musique Concrete: exploring sounds in-depth, whether musical or not. Recording or creating sound,s tasting them, chewing them, swallowing them, spitting them out again, mixing them, cutting them short, cooking them, frying them, burning them, breaking them ...

To paraphrase Star Trek's Spock: It's music Jim, but not as you know it ... It's a weird, alien landscape constructed out of sounds you think you know. But just when you're starting to recognize them, they mutate into something else. And then again. And again. So: no music in the traditional sense of the word. No easy listening. But if you are willing to put on headphones, and maintain your concentration for 2 x 20 minutes, you will make an interesting, crazy trip through a mutated musical universe.

Listen to the music, and buy the cassette or the digital audio, at Bandcamp.

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